Harmonical eating

Harmonical eating 1

Harmonical eating

Those who know my way of eating know that I do not overwhelm people to give up meat. Also, I do not judge any alternative forms of diet that people want to change in appearance or health. It’s still your only choice, and it is essential that it guides you on the right path, even through mistakes. However, it is important to recognize and not repeat errors.

What I highlight and emphasize is the source of food. That’s why I urge you, if you can and want to focus on small farmers’ products, or if your heart draws in this direction, learn to host. Start breeding livestock and poultry, producing organic fertilizer, learn how to cultivate every piece of soil you have available. The current problems will not solve alternative eating habits and nutritional supplements. One and the other may be temporarily effective, but from a longer perspective, this can be dangerous for future generations. Thus, neither the foods consumed by vegetarians and vegans, unless they are nutritionally valuable, will help save the world:

My diets in the first 28 days I’ve just built up so that I have recommended the dietary supplements turned into solid food. Thanks to special meals that perfectly replace “regular” meals, supplementing the fruit and vegetable diet and the recommended drinking regime (adhere to it – it neutralizes digestive acids and quickly relieve migraine headaches, gallbladder, etc.) then you can do this without problems and with pleasant results. By following simple principles, weight, volume, and health problems will be adjusted. The main principle of my meals is to continually replenish the nutrients your body needs to be healthy, juvenile and slim.

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Principle for everyone

Healthy eating is not limited to whether you are a woman, a man or a child, how old you are or where you live and work. If you look at my diet as a long-term issue, the results will pleasantly surprise you. People with severe health problems such as obesity, celiac disease, thyroid gland and so on often turn to it, and thanks to their discipline, they can do a great deal of help (it does not replace a visit doctor). Such eating is also good for future mums and nursing women – it is up to your baby to eat before, during and after pregnancy, how your baby will thrive and how you feel.

Principle of a healthy lifestyle

My boarding has a simple rule – NO diet, healthy lifestyle YES! Diet is a word that prevents people from reaching a state of lasting satisfaction with their health and outlook. A short-term change in your dietary habits due to the fact that a certain organ is lost in the body (stomach, gum, etc.) is not a solution. With your return to old habits, your problems will be returned – whether medical or aesthetic (this is a jojo-effect). Even a variety of “reliable” diets can greatly damage your health and further exacerbate past worries. Harmonious meals will bring you, thanks to special combinations of foods to your body. By understanding its principles and managing it in your ordinary life, you will achieve a complete lifestyle change that will provide you with a constant change in your vitality regardless of age or gender.

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Harmonical eating 4

Principle 28-DAY

The “28 days” FAQ has a simple answer. Your body needs some time to change it. For a healthy diet for you as simple as possible, it’s built in 28-day cycles that you can acquire quickly and without problems. The first 28 days is also a bridge from normal to healthy eating. In the course of 28 days, you are cleansed from toxins, equalizing acidity and at the same time, through simple and delicious meals, the necessary nutrients are added. The first and second week will add to your body important substances for which your doctor will otherwise be sent to your pharmacy, and in the next two weeks it will add to protein or carbohydrates, so in 28 days you will give the body everything you need. Follow-up meals according to my recipes will keep you gained and greatly support them.

28 days is the beginning. Once you finish, you need to continue, because you will not even have a foreign language for a month.

Principle eat to be slim

Thanks to the unique composition of the meals, there is an unexpected – you do not harm your health and your stature or with a large portion. On the contrary. I’ve created the food combinations to give you a bigger portion of it, thanks to a greater amount of nutrients. It does not mean that you have to go over. Eat so that you do not reduce the amount of food to a minimum, but to give you a lot of food to create a pleasant feeling of saturation. Indovia say we should eat the first “grunge”. It is important to keep your diet well, making it easier for your stomach and the entire digestive system.

How can you eat during the night service?

Between 22.00 and 02.00, repeat the evening. In the morning before leaving the workplace, take a nap. By the time you come home, you gently cure you and you do not have to have a full stomach bed. After waking up, get ready. Adjust the drinking mode as needed, but try to keep the recommended volume.

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Harmonical eating 6

Principle of drikning regime

Drinking regimen is just as important as eating alone – ensuring your cleansing, breaking down the lymphatic system. Accelerating the release of toxins and thus fat removal, adjusting the pH, ladies to relieve cellulite, remove headaches, relieve the feeling of hunger. And all thanks to 3-4 liters of life-giving fluid daily (not recommended to exceed 4 liters a day). As well as regularly flooded plants, you will be able to make ours even better. Because even if the plant is planted in good soil but does not have a regular supply of clean water, it slowly perishes – and so it is with our body. We drink high quality meals, if we lack regular drinking water, we gradually fail our internal organs and we become addicted to medications that often do not treat, only suppress the symptoms of the body I recommend to drink the warmest water that you can boil with lemon and honey, mint , honey, lavender, cinnamon, seasonal fruit or ginger or cork.

Principle movement activity

To achieve the best results, movement in any form is needed. Whether you’re going to dance, aerobics, running or you’re going to use the stair every day instead of a lift, every activity will help you. It is best to move to fresh air in conjunction with proper breathing, ie using a diaphragm. But my diet on the move is not dependent, even if you do not increase your physical activity, you will achieve results. Therefore, it is also suitable for people with sedentary occupations or lack of time.

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Your results

Dietary results are very individual – they will show up immediately, others will take longer. Change depends on the current state of the body (substance deficiency, previous habits, honest adherence to principles, etc.). However, during the years of your experience, the following results are particularly noticeable:

Harmonical eating 8

weight loss and even fat loss throughout the body

Harmonical eating 9

lowering of cholesterol

Harmonical eating 10

adjusting blood pressure

Harmonical eating 11

reducing fat and blood sugar

Harmonical eating 12

improving liver tests

Harmonical eating 13

removal of premenstrual and menstrual problems

Harmonical eating 14

stool adjustment and constipation removal

Harmonical eating 15

improving the condition of the skin, hair and nails

Harmonical eating 16

remove pancreatic problems

Harmonical eating 17

an improvement in some diseases (celiac disease, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, etc.)

Harmonical eating 18

improving mental well-being

Do you want to know more about principles ?

About all the other principles you read in my books “Eat to be slim 1, 2 and 3”

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