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Mgr. Antónia Mačingová

The overall change in eating for both women and men has been around for over 20 years. By adjusting my own diet, I have overcome a serious illness and avoided lifelong use of medicines – mainly by changing meals.

After years of tracking the results, I have put together a unique diet that helps the body to remain vital and slim. By completing “regular” meals to help you while tasting and eating, I have established for years a proven system of healthy meals every day that can help with different (obesity, diabetes, celiac disease, etc.). Recipes are created so that they look and feel like ordinary foods, but that their effect on the body is beneficial to them. My diet is based on the selection of suitable foods and their proper combination in recipes that do not take much time in the kitchen and at the same time bring the desired effects to health and well-being – recommending a return to home cooking, preparing foods from raw materials and replacing unhealthy supplements with spices and healthy fats.

DETERMINATION, VIRTUALITY, and DISCIPLINE were three words that I remembered every morning on my way to health. And he paid for. After a year of changed habits, I’ve put my health in order so much that I do not need any medication for years. There was an improvement in the health of people who addressed me and asked for help in setting up a diner. This has led me to create a 28-day diet program that helps to supplement the alkaline reserves of the body.

The state of the internal environment, within certain limits, which allow it to work smoothly, hence homeostasis, is not created automatically. It is the result of our informed choices. What we consume, how we consume and where we consume. The environment we live in and how we think. The quality of our health and the way we look at it depends on the balance of the inner environment. Some variables can not be changed immediately. The state of the soil or the environment is a long-term process in the hands of the competent. It is high time to work on change for the better, but you need to start from yourself. What we can do right now is choosing and preparing a diet. We can sweeten the drinks immediately for water – the basis of the drinking regime. Gradually we can eliminate our lives from the lives and people who cause us sadness and stress. The result of this approach is visible and particularly recognizable in a relatively short time.

I create my recipes to make them look normal, they taste like ordinary, but their effect, unlike “normal” dishes, is beneficial to the body. For if the standard is what is commonly consumed in households, nurseries, schools, or restaurants, we are a population of “normal” sick people whose path to healing leads through medicines and doctors. The age increases the average age, but in what quality of life? We will remove norms and normality by ORIGINAL.

I use mainly products from our band to prepare recipes. I recommend going back to home cooking and preparing food from raw materials. Artificial flavors are replaced with Himalayan salt, crushed black pepper, or with peppers or turmeric. I do not resist pore, onion, garlic, the use of herbs and greens. I avoid aspartame, glutamate and industrially processed foods.

I know from my own experience and practice that by gradual change and modification of the diet they stopped responding even to gluten and lactose. More information can be found in my books under the title “Eat to be Slim 1, 2 and 3” (annotations can be found in the section “BOOKS”). Although the title of the books gives the impression that they are only for those who want to lose weight, but when I once told people that I could make up a menus that healed them, they did not want a lot of interest. The word “diminish” immediately blushed their eyes. And so we did the opposite. After the first weight loss, most people start to observe changes in the quality of their health. Somewhat misplaced rankings of values, but what’s more. It is also possible to work if we really want to.

The state of health and outlook is only modified by a permanent change in eating habits. Increased drinking regime, movement, proper breathing, regular consumption of fruit and vegetables, including one “fast day” of the week. Only in this way can we expect a long-term increase in the quality of health, vitality, energy and a stable reduction in the size of the garment. Not stressing the body with various diets, which mostly cause the recovery of the already mentioned alkaline reserves. On the subject of healthy life beginning in fertile soil and fresh, home-made cuisine, I organize discussions, courses and stays by the sea. Current information is available for all on Facebook Harmonious Diet.

In conclusion, we have only so much … We think we are agrarian, agricultural land and not the republic of tax havens. We build our car production factories on our fertile ground, but their profit does not stay with us. What happens if the investor chooses to pack into another tax incentive of a more profitable country? We do not get even second-class food wrapped in attractive packaging in multinational business chains. As long as we can, let’s go back to the source of our health, which is the land.

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About other principles you can read in my books “Eat to be Slim 1, 2 and 3”

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