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Our health is complex of mental, physical and social aspects, but mainly those we create by our attitude to quality of our environment.

“Being clear in your head = beeing tidy on your the plate” – that is the way to healthy and quality lifestyle 3

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Antónia Mačingová 4

Harmonical eating

“Harmony of eating helps to reach  harmony in our lifes”

I am making my recipes to look like common, to taste like common, but to have an positive effect on body, compared to “normal” common food. To minimize the load on digestive system.

I recommend to start with 28-day program and never go back to “normal” habits. 5


Delivery of my food is here for you when you don’t have time, your will isn’t strong enough, you want to have break from everday cooking or when you plan to cook by my recipes and need to try how dishes should taste like.

Just choose the right program (beginner or aditional) and we will deliver tasty and healthy food for 28 days to your home almost wherever in the Slovak and Czech republic.

Books, e-books, calendars

How come that diets don’t work? Why is drinking regime so important? How to set your own fitted daily diet plan? In the books “Eat to be slim 1, 2 and 3” I wrote down a lot of useful information, besides many recipes, about everyday eating to keep your body slim, young and healthy. 6 5


I would like to regularly share with you everything that didn’t fit to three books “Eat to be slim” through articles on my blog.

I will inform you

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