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A few words about me

My name is Antónia Mačingová ® and I have been involved in healthy eating and lifestyle for more than 20 years. When solving my own health problems, I started to focus on the only thing I could control immediately – food. At the same time, I started changing obtained thought patterns of “common” – normal diet. A good selection of food and a permanent change of dietary habits helped me to put my health in order; therefore, I decided to pass this experience on to others. My way of eating has helped thousands of men and women, and I strongly believe it will help you, too.

About the Author

Basic principles of my way of eating

  • IT IS NOT A DIET – it is a new lifestyle.

  • The first and the fastest step towards the change is to follow my 28-day program – “the twenty-eight” described in the book Najedzte sa do štíhlosti 1.

  • Observance of the recommended fluid intake.

  • Elimination of food harmful to your blood type.

  • Avoiding combining carbohydrates and proteins within one dish (not within one day).

  • The YO-YO effect does not exist. Only the return to old eating habits exists.

More info about the principles of my way of eating

Delivery of meals to your home available in almost all the territory of Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Don’t you have time to prepare the meals according to my recipes? Have it delivered directly
to your home! All meals are made from fresh ingredients, then they are shocked, wrapped in protective atmosphere and stored in cold conditions. The portions are substantial enough, and they meet the main motto: “Eat to be slim”.